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Areas of Expertise     Jack J. Levy, MD, Board Certified, New York City Psychiatrist

Jack J. Levy, MD

Dr. Levy has in depth experience in treating psychiatric illness and psychiatric symptoms. He treats each patient as an individual and his treatment is uniquely tailored to address that person's needs. He has traveled widely and has seen patients in a variety of cultural settings. This transcultural and international experience has enhanced his skill for dealing with a broad spectrum of pathologies. These include:

        • Depression
        • Anxiety/Fears
        • Addiction/Substance Abuse
        • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
        • Hoarding/OCD
        • Trauma/PTSD
        • Dissociative Disorders
        • Thinking Disorders
        • Impulse Control Disorders
        • Personality Disorders
        • Psychosis
        • Schizophrenia/Autism
        • Bipolar Disorder
      • Relationship Issues
      • Marital Problems
      • Sexual Problems
      • Divorce
      • Loss or Grief
      • Career/Financial Stress
      • Somatoform Disorders
      • Domestic Abuse or Violence
      • Eating Disorders
      • Forensic Issues
      • Insomnia/Tiredness
      • Memory/Concentration
      • Psychotherapy/Psychopharmacology

Jack J. Levy, MD        
(212) 348-8150        

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